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Hi! My name is Laura and I'm a 27 year old girl originally from the Queensland country. I was raised by my two amazing parents, we moved around a bit (Mt Isa, anyone?) before settling in Brisbane. After high school I moved to Thredbo, then London, then France, then London, then Brisbane, then Melbourne, then Berlin and now, two degrees and six years of travel later, I'm settled enough to start thinking about my life.

I discovered mindfulness recently and realized pretty quickly that I was so passionate about it that I wanted to share this way of thinking with other people who struggle with difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions. I do have a Psychology major somewhere in the shambles that is my Arts degree (heh heh, who doesn't?) and maybe that's where some of my interest comes from but who knows? It has certainly helped with understanding some of the studies and lingo and I hope the pass on what I've learned in really easy to get bites.

This blog is a place to discuss mindfulness, to share resources, to post the odd DIY project (why not?) and to keep me writing. I am interested in writing and I enjoy it which is a good thing as otherwise it'd be a bit of a damn chore to write this blog. I figure I may as well be writing about a subject that's interesting, that helps to others and is something that I'm starting to get a bit passionate about!

One of my DIY projects. Come on, you want more of this, right?
(Link to Totoro pattern here!) x

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